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Site Tours at FHS Saudi Arabia, 2024

Diriyah Visit: At Turaif District

Wednesday, 01 May, 2024

FHS Saudi Arabia 2024 includes an exclusive site tour of Saudi Arabia’s rich history and cultural heritage. Participants can join us in Diriyah for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the birthplace of the Kingdom. Attendees will uncover an area developed and preserved by the Diriyah Company and witness the exceptional UNESCO World Heritage site of At-Turaif, one of the world’s greatest gathering places in the heart of Saudi Arabia, embodying the rich heritage and culture of the Kingdom.

Within the district lies an abundance of historical sites including Salwa Palace, the largest standing structure within Diriyah and known locally as ‘the ruling palace’. The palace is one of a collection of structures in At-Turaif, simple in design yet majestic and inspiring. The structure offers a glimpse into the daily lives of leaders centuries ago, along with the decisions that paved the way for the modern-day Kingdom.

Participants can immerse themselves in the Najdi architectural style and authentic Saudi Arabian environments, networking with industry leaders. The site tour highlighted Diriyah's rich history and culture, showcasing the future of hospitality and sustainability. Attendees will learn about innovative projects and initiatives transforming the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia and globally. The experience will illustrate how the Diriyah Company is evolving Diriyah into a major cultural and heritage destination, aligning with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 strategy. The tour offers insights into emerging hospitality projects, merging past and future in a unique setting.

The Saudi National Museum, Al Masmak Palace & Souk Al-Zal

Wednesday, 01 May, 2024

From the Earth to the moon, and from the prehistoric ages to the modern ages, the hallways of the Saudi National Museum will take you on an adventure that transcends time and space. You will witness artistic and historical evidence in the heart of Riyadh in Al Murabba neighbourhood near King Abdulaziz palace. The museum was opened in 1419H and spans across a distance of 17,000Km2 where it tells the story of 3,700 artifacts such as statues, scripts and unique sculptures.

The magnificent Al Masmak Palace stands erected gracefully in the middle of Riyadh city as a tourist destination having silently witnessed great events in the history of KSA foundation. The palace was constructed in the hijri 14th century during the reign of Imam Abdullah bin Faisal as his residence and the centre of power and money. The palace is a strong fort against enemies with its solid high walls. It has only two entrances and small openings in the walls for gun barrels at the time of battles. Today, the palace stands as a symbol of the history of regaining power and rule of the country displaying in its corridors the features of that era and its leaders after it had been turned into a museum in 1995/1416.

*Tour only consists of a short stop at the Palace to see the exterior and have a brief insight into it's history (inside visit to the Palace is currently closed).

The souk covers an area of 38,000 square meters and is one of Riyadh’s oldest traditional markets that carries 100 years of history within its alleyways. As soon as you start your tour in Souk Al-Zal and hear the sellers’ voices in the auctions, you will feel that you have travelled to the past of the city. The souk is known for its antiques, rare coins, and old utensils. You may also find musical instruments, old record players, and hundreds of interesting items that seem as if they came from a museum of ancient folk traditions. Participants can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the market, explore its ancient tiled walkways, the architectural style of its old buildings, and the shops of incense, oud, and oriental perfumes.