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Speakers Corner: From Setbacks to Triumphs -True Stories

The Future Hospitality Summit is excited to introduce "Speakers Corner: From Setbacks to Triumphs -True Stories," a unique platform where anyone attending FHS Saudi Arabia can share personal narratives of overcoming challenges and achieving success.

This initiative celebrates the resilience and learning that comes from facing and surmounting obstacles in one’s career.

Please note that each speaker will have 7 minutes to present on the stage.

Application Deadline: 11th April 2024

Why ‘Speakers Corner: From Setbacks to Triumphs -True Stories’:

The hospitality industry, like many others, is filled with stories of challenges and perseverance. It's important to acknowledge and learn from these experiences to foster a culture of resilience and continuous growth. This segment aims to inspire professionals by highlighting how setbacks can be transformed into opportunities for personal and professional triumph.

Who Should Apply:

We constantly receive feedback from our attendees and advisory board that they would like to hear true stories. This year, we have decided to invite hospitality professionals at any stage of their career who have a compelling story of overcoming a professional setback and achieving success.

Whether you're a seasoned executive, a mid-level manager, or a newcomer to the industry, your story of resilience and learning can inspire others. Your experience could range from navigating career transitions, innovating in the face of adversity to launching a new brand. All registered attendees are eligible to apply.

Criteria for applicants:

  • Personal Experience: Share a personal narrative from your career, emphasising the entrepreneurial aspects of your experience.
  • Learning and Growth: It should emphasise the learning derived from the setback.
  • Non-commercial: The presentation must not be a sales pitch.
  • Inclusivity: Open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with no stigmas attached.

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