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30 SEP - 02 OCT 2024
Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

FHS World 2024

Projects & Country Pavilions

FHS World 2024 will feature country pavilions that showcase new projects and destinations unique to each participating country. These pavilions will showcase upcoming hospitality projects unique to each country and present a plethora of investment opportunities in ventures with high ROI.

Countries Represented

Morocco Pavilion

The Morocco Hospitality Industry is expected to grow from USD 0.81 billion in 2024 to USD 1.12 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 6.72% during the forecast period (2024-2029). Morocco is all set to welcome global hospitality partners to its booming industry with lots of investment potential.

Learn more about the Moroccan hospitality industry and its upcoming projects at the Morocco pavilion, sponsored by SMIT Morocco.


Italy Pavilion

Italy, now ranked as the 5th most visited country in the world, offers a wealth of opportunities within its dynamic hospitality industry. As Europe's most trending travel destination, Italy continues to captivate the hearts of millions of visitors with its rich cultural heritage, exquisite cuisine, and iconic landmarks.

At the Future Hospitality Summit, the Italia Hospitality-sponsored Italy Pavilion will provide delegates with invaluable insights into the nation's burgeoning hospitality sector and its array of upcoming projects. This pavilion will underscore Italy's dedication to fostering innovation and excellence in hospitality, ensuring that Italy remains a top choice for travellers from around the globe.

Maldives Pavilion

The Maldives, a stunning island nation renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, has been experiencing a remarkable influx of international visitors since 2010. In 2023 alone, the country welcomed over 1.6 million visitors, marking a 13.9% year-on-year growth.

Maldives will proudly present its country pavilion at FHS World, showcasing an array of innovative hospitality projects to the attending delegates. This pavilion will highlight the nation's commitment to excellence in hospitality, sustainable tourism, and its ongoing efforts to enhance the visitor experience, solidifying the Maldives' status as a premier global travel destination.


Showcase your country's exciting hospitality projects at the FHS World 2024 Country Pavilions.

As of 2023, 42% of investors attending the event are searching for new projects and opportunities. Considering this high demand for investable projects, this year we have dedicated a substantial portion of our floor space to showcase hospitality projects from different countries through dedicated country pavilions.

Who Sponsors Country Pavilions

  • Investment Promotion Agencies
  • Tourism Groups
  • Developers
  • Advisors
  • Local Owners/Operators
  • International F&B Concepts

If you belong to any of the categories mentioned above and are interested in booking a pavilion for your country, you can reach out directly to our sponsorship team.

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